Pemex's Lankahuasa Well Tests at 15.4 mmcf/d

Pemex, said a test well in the newly discovered Lankahuasa dry gas deposit produced 15.4 million cubic feet a day of natural gas. Lankahuasa, an offshore deposit in the northern part of Veracruz state, is one of three new sources of non-associated natural gas (not produced with crude oil) announced last month by Pemex director Raul Munoz. Pemex said the Lankahuasa 1 well was drilled to obtain information about the characteristics of the continental shelf off Veracruz. A production test at the well produced 15.4 MMcf/d of sweet gas, containing 98% methane. The company said it identified 30 other exploratory possibilities in Lankahuasa, in addition to 74 in the adjacent Lamprea region. Munoz said last month that the newly discovered gas fields of Lankahuasa, Playuela and Hap could help Pemex boost its gas reserves by 25%.

Total dry gas reserves, including proven, probable and possible reserves, stood at 50.6 trillion cubic feet as of the beginning of this year, down from 55.5 trillion cubic feet a year earlier. Pemex currently produces around 4.5 Bcf/d of natural gas, but plans to increase that to 5.9 Bcf/d in 2006, not including an estimated 1 Bcf/d Pemex expects to obtain under the multiple service contracts it hopes to begin tendering later this year.