Norwest Energy Finds Gas at Cornstalk Project in West Virginia

Norwest Energy reports that the first well in the West Virginia drilling program has been successfully drilled and cased. The well is the first in an approved five well drilling program.

The well drilled to a Total Depth of 1,101 meters (3,612 feet) and four cores were cut. The cores were reported to be bubbling gas as they were being prepared for sample analysis. The cores will be used to quantify the organic content and sorbed gas phase of the shale and ultimately calculate the Gas-In-Place for the shale in the region.

Under a farmin agreement, Ascent will pay Norwest and Alto's share of costs of drilling and completing the first three wells. Ascent is an experienced operator in the onshore US, and has been introduced to the project to build a strong local experience base and to systematically introduce techniques and technology which will optimize the gas potential within the shale section.

The drilling rig has now moved to the second well location in the Cornstalk Project, with the first well suspended ahead of fraccing and completion operations.

Participants are NWE Appalachians LLC with 29% (a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwest Energy NL); Alto Energy Inc. with 29%; and Ascent Energy Inc as operator with 42%.