Oil Sands Partnership Concludes First Set of Meetings

Synenco Energy Inc., Managing Partner of the Calgary-based Northern Lights Partnership (NLP), this week completed its first round of open house and town hall meetings held in conjunction with its proposed Mining and Extraction Project, located northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Meetings were held in Fort MacKay, Fort Chipewyan, and Fort McMurray between March 1 and March 7.

"The Northern Lights Partnership is fully committed to an open and continuous dialogue with area communities and stakeholders," said Steve Gilliland, Executive Vice President, Operations of Synenco Energy. "We will respect community and stakeholder concerns by working collaboratively with the public, interest groups, industry, First Nations, Métis and other Aboriginal peoples, governments, and regulators to address impacts and issues associated with the Northern Lights Mining and Extraction Project. These meetings were an important part of that ongoing process."

During the meetings, Synenco reiterated its commitment to carry out mining and extraction activities in a way that minimizes the effect of the NLP on the environment.

Employment and procurement for the project's construction and ongoing operations were another area of focus at the meetings. "We will be an employer of choice in the oil sands industry," said Gilliland. "Employment decisions will be based on individual qualifications, experience, and ability--prioritizing regional talent whenever possible." The company anticipates a peak construction work force of 2,000 personnel and a permanent work force of approximately 850 personnel at its Mining and Extraction facility.

Synenco holds a 60 percent interest in the NLP. SinoCanada Petroleum Corporation, an indirect subsidiary of China-based Sinopec Group, owns the remaining 40 percent. Northern Lights is an oil sands mining and extraction project northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta, and an upgrader complex near Edmonton, Alberta. The independent best estimate of the resource is 1.49 billion barrels of in-place bitumen. The partnership also holds extensive coal lease applications in the Athabasca region of northern Alberta. In addition to its interest in the partnership, Synenco holds a 100-percent interest in an oil sands lease adjacent to the NLP lands.