Blast Energy Services Launches Mobile Satellite System

Blast Energy Services has launched its first mobile auto-acquisition satellite system that is designed for remote locations.

Using a one-meter dish thatautomatically deploys in a few minutes to acquire its satellite connection, the unit is designed to be easily transported into remote drilling or disaster ravaged locations. It reportedly eliminates the need for costly service calls to manually realign the dish after each move. The service supports VoIP, video-streaming, data, Internet, and email traffic as well as local wireless deployments.

"Last year's hurricane season demonstrated the need for mobile satellite systems that could be quickly deployed and satisfy multiple communication needs," said Andrew Wilson, VP and General Manager of Blast's Satellite Division. "These self-contained systems, powered by as little as a car battery, can re-establish communications rapidly without the need for land- based or cell infrastructure in nearly all areas of North America and the rest of the World."

The company is targeting the new system to customers in the Energy and Disaster Recovery markets, particularly organizations that require rapid deployment of extensive communications capabilities to support commercial operations. The new service uses iDirect Technologies' satellite equipment and service, which provides satellite broadband access solutions to customers who have a need for fast, flexible, and geographically dispersed two-way Internet/intranet access. With transmission speeds up to 2048kbps/768kbps, the system has the capability to support multiple VoIP lines, video streaming, and multiple Internet users. It has built-in quality of service capabilities as well as support prioritization of voice and video traffic.