Diamond Offshore Receives MMS Safety Awards

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. announced that the MMS awarded the Company three District 2001 SAFE awards (Safety Award for Excellence). The MMS determines recipients for the awards, after considering, among other criteria, a company's operational safety, rig maintenance, pollution prevention and regulatory compliance during the year.

The MMS's Lake Jackson, Texas District Office awarded the 2001 SAFE Award to Diamond Offshore in recognition for all of its rigs in that district which include the "Ocean Ambassador," "Ocean Star," "Ocean Quest," "Ocean Endeavor," "Ocean Saratoga," "Ocean Spur," "Ocean Titan" and "Ocean Nugget" for their outstanding performance in safety, environmental and regulatory compliance.

The jack-up drilling rig "Ocean Spartan" received the 2001 SAFE Award from the MMS's Houma, Louisiana District Office.

The jack-up drilling rig "Ocean Titan" received the 2001 SAFE Award from the MMS's Lake Charles, Louisiana District Office.

Implemented in 1983, the MMS SAFE Award Program recognizes the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf oil and gas facility operators for outstanding safety and pollution prevention performance. MMS Houma District Supervisor Mike Saucier commented during presentation ceremonies on March 28, 2002, "The fact that this is Diamond Offshore's thirteenth District SAFE Award demonstrates the company's strong commitment to MMS core values of safe operations and pollution prevention."

In addition to the 2001 District SAFE Awards received by Diamond Offshore, an individual MMS award was given to Willie Ard, Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) aboard the "Ocean Columbia," who received the 2001 MMS Corporate Leadership Award for his performance of an exemplary act or service in furtherance of MMS mission objectives. Mr. Ard has been with Diamond Offshore for 27 years and has been a rig supervisor since 1992.

Diamond Offshore President and Chief Operating Officer Larry Dickerson commended the crews of the award-winning rigs for their specific efforts to operate safely and protect the environment. "The awards demonstrate the Company's commitment to preserve the highest safety and environmental standards. The receipt of these awards validates our quality assurance program and is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of the excellent men and women who crew and who support the Diamond Offshore fleet and to have nine rigs recognized in one year is a tremendous tribute and accomplishment. We are especially proud of Mr. Ard's accomplishments which reflect the hard work of his entire crew. Willie would be the first one to tell you that the awards could not be achieved without the team efforts of his crew," Dickerson said.

In addition to having received 13 District SAFE Awards, Diamond Offshore has previously been awarded two National SAFE Awards. Also, the MMS Corporate Leadership Award received in 2001 marks the second time that a Diamond Offshore employee has received that award.