Sunshine's Red Rock Seismic Survey Completed

Sunshine Gas

Sunshine Gas has completed the Red Rock Seismic Survey in ATP 684P. The objective of the program is to follow-up the encouraging hydrocarbon geology encountered in the Red Rock 1 well previously drilled by the Company. The Red Rock Prospect is the most northerly conventional gas prospect in this portion of the Bowen Basin and therefore with success, would have considerable strategic & commercial significance.

Sunshine Gas is pleased to announce that it has completed acquisition of its 57 kilometer Red Rock 2D Seismic Survey in ATP 684P

Utilizing Terrex Crew 401, Sunshine acquired the 57 line kilometers of 2D vibroseis seismic data to assess the prospectivity of the Red Rock feature up-dip of Sunshine's 2004 Red Rock 1 exploration well. The primary drilling target in this portion of ATP 684P is the Permian aged Aldebaran Sandstone.

Red Rock 1 was drilled in August of 2004 to test a mapped surface anticline, and whilst the well was plugged and abandoned, the new seismic data will establish whether Red Rock 1 was drilled outside structural closure at the Aldebaran Sandstone level and therefore if there remains up-dip potential. The Aldebaran Sandstone is gas productive in the Turkey Creek, Springton and A rcturus Fields to the southwest.

It is anticipated that over the next few months, this new seismic data will be processed and interpreted and hopefully will result in the identification of a substantial up-dip conventional gas prospect which could then be considered for inclusion in Sunshine's 2007 drilling program.