Essent and ConocoPhillips in New Stage of Eemshaven LNG Terminal Project

Essent and ConocoPhillips have completed a feasibility study for a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal at the Port of Eemshaven in the North Groningen municipality of Eemsmond and have submitted the Environmental Impact Assessment Starting Memorandum to the Province of Groningen, officially starting the permitting process. Detailed joint studies continue on the terminal which could be in operation by 2010.

If approved, the regasification terminal will include a jetty for ships and storage facilities. In addition to supplying more natural gas to the Netherlands and the surrounding region, the proposed project will reduce dependence on limited gas imports from existing pipelines. The LNG terminal project at Eemshaven is consistent with the Dutch government's energy policy that supports additional LNG imports.

Results of a feasibility study indicate that the construction of an LNG terminal at Eemshaven is technically feasible. The nautical study shows that deepening of the channel in the (Wester) Eems will ensure safe passage of LNG ships calling at the terminal. The Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and Groningen Seaports have agreed to perform any necessary dredging work within the legal framework of the environmentally sensitive Waddenzee region.

LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 161 degrees Celsius). This condenses the gas to a liquid that occupies only 1/600 of the space required for the same weight of gas and allows the LNG to be transported by ships to viable markets to meet the growing demand for clean burning energy.