Moncla Marine Buys Barge Rigs from Key Energy Services

Moncla Marine LLC, a provider of workover and completion rigs to the oil and gas industry, purchased two barge rigs from Key Energy Services Inc., bringing Moncla's fleet of barge rigs to six.

Both The Catfish and The Sac-a-Lait barge rigs are equipped and available to work on a daylight or 24-hour basis.

The purchase is not only a perfect fit to bolster Moncla's service offering, but it will lower risks, COO Mike Moncla explains.

"Last year, seven daylight land rigs operated atop key-way barges periodically, totaling nearly 7,800 hours. That's the equivalent of two-and-a-half times the working capacity of a daylight rig over a year. By using these barge rigs on those sites, we will decrease insurance liability of working land rigs over the water and free our land rigs for more land jobs."

Moncla Marine's other rigs include a 24-hour posted barge, two 24-hour bay barges and a daylight key-way barge.

Moncla Marine is a member of the Moncla companies, the largest-family owned workover company, and fifth largest overall, in the United States. With nearly 650 employees, Moncla operates 50 workover rigs, six swab trucks, four tubing testing units, an anchor truck and fishing tool services.