Rockhopper Says Falkland Islands Survey Program Completed

Rockhopper Exploration reports that the exclusive 2D seismic survey and the electromagnetic surveys carried out on its Falkland Islands acreage have now been successfully completed.

The 2D seismic survey, completed by GSI, acquired approximately 920 kilometers of data over Rockhopper's 100% licenses PL023 and PL024. The data gathered will be processed in the UK and on completion will be interpreted and integrated with the existing 1832km of 2D data covering licenses PL023 and PL024, on which the J1 prospect and a number of leads have already been identified. It is hoped that the new mapping will enhance the J1 prospect and also change the status of a number of the leads identified into prospects .

The controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) surveys, completed by Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc, were also carried out over Rockhopper's PL023 and PL024 license. The CSEM survey technique has been successfully used by major oil companies elsewhere in the world but this is the first CSEM survey ever carried out in the Falkland Islands.

The processing and interpretation of both the 2D and CSEM surveys is expected to take approximately 3 to 4 months.

Pierre Jungels, Rockhopper's Executive Chairman commented: "We are pleased that these surveys have been completed. We can now concentrate on processing the gathered data in order to improve our understanding of our acreage and decide on how to move forward. "