Shell Comments on Nigerian Judgment

Royal Dutch Shell said that it had received notification that the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt, in Nigeria, gave judgment in a case between the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited operated joint venture ("SPDC"), of which Shell owns 30%, and a group called "Ijaw Aborigines of Bayelsa State". The Ijaw Aborigines group is demanding that SPDC complies with a Resolution of the Nigerian National Assembly which required SPDC to pay $1.5 bn (Shell share $450m) to the Ijaw communities for alleged environmental damages arising from SPDC's operations.

The High Court has entered a judgment in favor of the Ijaw Aborigines group. SPDC has yet to receive the text of the judgment and cannot comment until it has studied it in detail. However, SPDC believes that its appeal, which it has filed this afternoon, has strong grounds as independent expert advice demonstrates that there is no evidence to support the underlying claims. SPDC remains strongly committed to dialogue with the Ijaw people and all its other stakeholders.