Brigham Regains Surface Control of Well in Matagorda County

On Sunday, March 24, 2002, Brigham experienced a loss of surface control while drilling the Burkhart #1, its first offset to the Staubach #1 discovery well for the Providence Field. On March 29, 2002, and prior to completion of capping operations, the Burkhart #1 well bridged off naturally. Subsequently, additional blow out prevention equipment was installed and the well was shut in.

Brigham is currently moving the drilling rig to commence the drilling of a relief/replacement well to intersect and cement the Burkhart #1 borehole over the Middle Frio interval that generated the uncontrolled flow. Brigham plans to continue drilling deeper to test another potential pay sand prior to encountering the Lower Frio sands currently producing in the Staubach #1. Brigham expects results from drilling the relief/replacement well by late May.

Bud Brigham, Brigham's CEO and President, commented, "Obviously, we are very pleased to have capped the surface flow of the Burkhart #1 without significant injuries or harm to the environment. We're very eager to re-drill the pay we encountered in the Burkhart #1. In addition, we also want to test a deeper sand that provides prolific production just a few miles away. We're hopeful that we can drill this deeper potential pay sand prior to drilling into our primary objective, the Lower Frio pay interval that is currently producing at exceptional rates from our Staubach #1 well. Therefore, while the problems we've experienced in drilling our first development well in our Providence Field have delayed the onset of additional production volumes, they've also demonstrated that the reserve potential of this large structure is not limited to the pay intervals currently producing in our Staubach #1 discovery well."