Ortolan & A.K. Suda Team Up to Provide Jackup Barges

Ortolan, a heavy steel fabricator and marine specialist has partnered with A.K. Suda, a naval architecture and marine engineering and design company. Suda, with their main operations based out of Louisiana, in the USA, specialize in jackup barge and marine vessels for the oil and gas industry.

Ortolan and Suda have partnered in order to supply turnkey jackup barge solutions for the ever growing oil and gas market. The vessels will be supplied from Ortolans' shipyard facilities in Trieste Italy, Bahrain in the Gulf and from other shipyards in the Gulf, Mediterranean and elsewhere, where they have agreements for construction.

Following the signing of the agreement, and Mr. Suda's visit to Ortolan's shipyard and other facilities in Trieste Italy and Bahrain, he said: "we are very happy to have found a company like Ortolan with its own vast steel fabricating and shipyard facilities." He also said: "Ortolan has superb automated welding capabilities that are not normally found in shipyards facilities, and they can have many projects simultaneously under construction both in Italy and the Gulf. This is a much needed capability with the additional capacity that can significantly help satisfy the shortage in the supply situation, currently facing the oil & gas industry today."

Ortolan will also be utilizing the same facilities for the construction of Jackup Oil Rig production and will be working with Friede & Goldman Ltd. (F&G), for their M2 and JU2000 designs.