Willbros Demobilizes Employees from Affected Area in Nigeria

Willbros Group says that as a result of the hostage-taking incident that took place on its vessel, WB 318, on Saturday, it has demobilized project personnel in the area affected by the hostage-taking incident to secure areas in Nigeria. Senior Company managers are preparing to meet Monday in Nigeria with appropriate parties and authorities to advance the safe release and return of the nine hostages. The Company confirmed that its vessel is now anchored in the Forcados channel and all its remaining employees have safely returned to the Company's base of operations in Port Harcourt. Willbros will continue to focus its efforts on the safe release and return of the nine employees taken yesterday and the safety of all its personnel. The Company is evaluating the potential impact on its operations of the interruption of three projects in the affected area.

Michael F. Curran, chairman and chief executive officer of Willbros, emphasized, "The safety and well-being of our employees is paramount, and since the occurrence of this incident, we are taking all the necessary steps to provide additional security and to assure the safe return of our employees."

Willbros Group, Inc. is an independent contractor serving the oil, gas and power industries, providing engineering and construction, and facilities development and operations services to industry and government entities worldwide.