No Shutdown on Sleipner B

A team of specialists at Statoil has concluded that it is not necessary to repair the flare knock-out drums on the Sleipner B platform in the North Sea.

Statoil reported yesterday, February 10th, that production from the Kvitebjorn platform was stopped and production from the Heidrun platform will be stopped to repair the flare knock-out drums on these platforms.

Sleipner B has constructions that are similar to those on Kvitebjorn and Heidrun, and a specialist team at Statoil has therefore made a detailed evaluation of the design of this platform as well.

The team concluded that there is no need to repair the knock-out drums on Sleipner B at the moment, but they will be inspected in connection with the scheduled turnaround in June this year.

Statoil has reviewed all of its installations to control the flare knock-out drums. This has been done as a precautionary measure following the gas leak on the Visund platform on January 19th.