Blake Offshore Wins Patent for Blake 101 Workover Jackup

BLAKE Offshore, L.L.C. announced today that Michael E. Blake-Inventor received his patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his invention of the BLAKE 101. The patent was granted on August 9, 2005 to Michael E. Blake for his "Jackup Workover Rig With Removable Workover Floor Unit", patent number 6,926,097.

The BLAKE 101, is a self propelled, 6 ft. minimum to 140 ft. maximum water depth completion and workover jackup which completed a four month workover program for Marlin Energy and has completed the first well and commenced completion operations on an option well for Nexen Petroleum U.S.A.

Contract revenues from these projects are worth approximately $6 million. The rig is scheduled for upgrading the drawworks on the removable rig floor package. The self contained drawworks will be increased to 600 horsepower with redundant prime movers. This will increase the efficiency and speed as well as enable the rig to work in zero "0" discharge waters.

Michael E. Blake, President commented, "The BLAKE 101 has enabled operators to save time and money due to the self-propelled ability of this rig. The versatility of this rig has far reaching applications both for domestic and international operations".

BLAKE Offshore, L.L.C. headquartered in Metairie, La. provides offshore drilling, completion and workover services as well as providing mobile offshore production units (MOPU). The company operates a diverse fleet consisting of 4 jackups, 3 mobile offshore production units and 1 self propelled completion & workover independent leg jackup rig.

Additional information can be obtained about BLAKE Offshore at our website at Blake Offshore. For all of your drilling, completion, workover services as well as mobile offshore production platform needs please contact Mike Blake at (504) 885-7449.