Oil Tankers Collide in Gulf of Oman

Two oil tankers collided approximately 1:30 am on Monday morning 15 miles off the United Arab Emirates port of Fujairah in the Gulf of Oman. No oil has been spilled and no casualties have been reported.

After several hours, tug boats separated the empty British Vigilance from the Stena King, which was laden with oil. After the tankers were separated there was no sign of oil in the water. It was reported that the Stena King's bow rammed into the side of British Vigilance. The extent of damage was not immediately known.

The Stena King was carrying 450,000 tons of oil from Saudi Arabia to the Gulf of Mexico. The Stena King is owned by Concordia Maritime AG of Sweden and the British Vigilance is owned and operated by British Petroleum. The British Vigilance was on its way to Dubai for repairs when the collision occurred.