Success for Red Spider's Hydraulic Red in Harding and Gullfaks Fields

Red Spider Technology's Hydraulic Red equalization device has successfully completed its first operation for BP in the Harding field in the UKCS and its third deployment in Statoil's Gullfaks field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

These are the latest in a string of successes for the Hydraulic Red, which in recent months has also completed operations for Paladin Resources, Statoil, Talisman and Shell.

Andy Skinner, Red Spider's Business Development Manager, commented: "The Hydraulic Red continues to prove itself as a unique equalization device, which allows the operator to perform any number of pressure tests on a completion, giving increased flexibility in changing conditions. These latest operations are testament to the success of the Hydraulic Red as it becomes more widely adopted among operators."

As part of well intervention operations on BP's Harding Well PS-2 to prepare the well for an infill drilling project, the Hydraulic Red remote opening device was deployed on a 6.187in lock mandrel and set successfully in the tubing hanger profile and tested to 3,000psi. This allowed removal of the Christmas tree and installation of a suspension cap. The drilling BOPs were then installed and tested against the plug and preparations made to pull the tubing. A calculated 'command opening' pressure was then applied above the plug which opened successfully within 15 minutes, allowing workover operations to commence.

Using the device negated the need to mobilise a wireline crew offshore to recover the plug prior to pulling the completion, removed eight hours of rig time and eliminated the need for slickline intervention and the associated risks of additional manual equipment handling and pressure testing activities.

Callum Munro, Well Operations Engineer at BP, said: "Hydraulic RED was the enabling tool which gave us several solutions all in one. Operating in a high cost environment requires us to look at every opportunity to maximise efficiencies while reducing costs without compromising safety. The Hydraulic RED was key in delivering this to our project."

Following the earlier success of Red Spider's Hydraulic RED in Statoil's Gullfaks field, another operation was recently completed in a water injection well in the same field. The 3.25in Hydraulic RED was suspended below a standard retrievable packer at 2125 mMD to allow pressure testing of the tubing string. Following successful testing of the tubing, the tool was remotely opened and subsequently retrieved despite the presence of a significant amount of debris present in the well. In previous operations of this type, multiple runs have been required to bail out debris prior to retrieving the temporary barriers. The Hydraulic RED again proved its flexibility under difficult well conditions.

Bjørn Sandnaes, Well Engineer at Statoil said: "We installed the Hydraulic Red to be able to inject into the well after pressure testing the tubing to get rid of debris in the area for the pulling tool. We managed to open the Hydraulic RED, but we were not able to inject through it due to a lot of dirt. In spite of all the dirt we were able to latch on to the plug and pull it without trouble."

Red Spider Technology was formed in 2003 to develop innovative tools to meet the new challenges in the oil and gas industry. Based in Westhill, near Aberdeen, the company supplies innovative down-hole tools to the global oil industry, aimed at adding value by reducing client operating time, production costs and environmental risks.