Earth Decision and Aramco Overseas Release of GeoMorph

Earth Decision Sciences (Earth Decision), a leading provider of a fully integrated shared-earth model for asset teams, and Aramco Overseas Company, B.V. (AOC), a subsidiary company of the Saudi Arabian Oil company or "Saudi Aramco," the world's largest supplier of crude oil with world-class internal technologies applied in real-time geosteering operations, have launched GeoMorph, a powerful new real-time earth modeling and geosteering tool. GeoMorph integrates real-time well log data and interpretation and updates earth model structural and stratigraphic attributes within minutes of penetration. Originally developed by Saudi Aramco inventors, GeoMorph has been integrated in GOCAD by Earth Decision and applied successfully on Saudi Arabia's Ghawar oil field and others.

"GeoMorph has been proven to dramatically shorten rig downtime by enabling models to be re-interpreted in minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks," said Jean-Claude Dulac, CEO and founder of Earth Decision. "With GeoMorph, drilling plans are easily updated and adjusted, providing the flexibility so critical to field development."

"In complex geological settings, adjusting the direction of the drill bit in real time with an 'on-the-spot' roadmap can make or break the success of a well," said Roger Sung, Geosteering & Modeling Specialist and GeoMorph inventor, Saudi Aramco.

"As a real-time earth modeling and geosteering technology, GeoMorph excels at reaching maximum reservoir contact with pin-point accuracy," said Ahmed Metwalli, Manager of Exploration Application Services Department, Saudi Aramco.

GeoMorph will be available for fast model updating as part of Earth Decision's GOCAD Suite. The technology and software underlying GeoMorph is protected by pending patent applications and copyright registration.

About Earth Decision Sciences

Earth Decision creates the most effective and complete, integrated decision support tools for profitable exploration and production. Our integrated modules provide a powerful shared-earth model that unlocks the potential of collaboration by the entire asset team. From advanced seismic visualization and velocity modeling to well path design and platform position optimization, we offer workflow-driven solutions for both the novice and the expert user.

Our Base Module, powered by GOCAD, is acknowledged as the industry's leading 3D structural modeling tool. With simple inputs, our patented gridding technology, superb property modeling, robust upscaling and innovative well trajectory solutions provide the foundation for creating the most complete shared earth model. Advanced seismic visualization and interpretation modules ensure that accurate decisions and calculated uncertainties are made with all available data.