Fugro Robertson Appoints Structural Geologist

Fugro Robertson Inc. has appointed Dr. Alex Blacque as structural geologist. In addition to his duties as a structural geologist, Blacque will develop new business for Fugro Robertson in the Gulf of Mexico. Previously, he was in Fugro's North Wales, United Kingdom, office where he worked on both global and regional studies. His contributions to Fugro Robertson's latest multi-client Gulf of Mexico geologic study led to the development of a new plate tectonic model in December.

Fugro Robertson is a worldwide geological consultancy and leader in gravity and magnetic data acquisition. Fugro Robertson pairs gravity and magnetic data sets from Houston with exploration and reservoir capability from Wales to supply multi-disciplinary products for oil and gas exploration. It provides products both for proprietary and multi-client use in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fugro Robertson is a part of the Fugro organization, which operates more than 80 companies in 55 countries. Fugro provides advanced surveying, seismic, oceanographic, meteorological and positioning services. Fugro interprets and processes data collected at sea, along the coast, on land and from the air.