Mediterranean Oil & Gas Awarded Permit in Southern Italy

Mediterranean Oil & Gas' subsidiary Intergas Piu S.r.L. has been granted the highly regarded exploration permit Masseria Gaudella in southern Italy, which adjoins the IGP owned Scanzano production concession.

Like Scanzano, the main targets for the new exploration block are Pliocene gas bearing sands. IGP has a 100% interest in both Masseria Gaudella and Scanzano.

The grant of Masseria Gaudella will be formally gazetted in due course.

Torrente Salsola production tests

The Ministerial approvals and preparatory work to connect the new well through the existing pipeline to the Reggente Gas Plant are progressing. Production tests with a rig-less operation are planned for the end of February 2006.

Torrente Baganza

The operator, Gas Plus Italiana, has advised IGP that due to a delay in the delivery of equipment required for the frac job, the start of operations is now expected March 2006.