FCP to Begin Testing LES-3 Appraisal Well Soon

First Calgary Petroleums updates operations on Ledjmet Block 405b and Rhourde Yacoub Block 406a in Algeria's Berkine Basin.

Ledjmet Block 405b

FCP reports that the LES-3 appraisal well has been cased to total depth of 4,480 meters. A production testing program has been designed and is anticipated to commence in late February 2006.

Drilling has commenced on the LEW-2 appraisal well, situated 3.4 km northeast of the LEW-1 cased oil and gas well that was drilled and tested in the second half of 2004. The LEW-2 well has a projected depth of 4,500 meters.

Rhourde Yacoub Block 406a

Testing of the ZCH-2 well is continuing and is anticipated to be completed by the end of February 2006.