NowcastingWilkens to Open Aberdeen Weather Forecast Office

Nowcasting International and its partner Wilkens Weather Technologies have taken another major step in developing their Marine Forecasting Business in the North Sea, showing a big vote of confidence in the North Sea sector with this commitment.

The NowcastingWilkens partnership has become a major player in the North Sea forecasting sector in recent years and in order to support their rapidly growing business, NowcastingWilkens has opened a new forecast office in Aberdeen to augment their main forecast base in Houston Texas and the technical operations base in Ireland.

Mr. Andy Swan has been engaged as the senior meteorologist in Aberdeen.

Andy brings nearly 27 years of experience in the weather forecast sector to the NowcastingWilkens team, having previously worked with both the UK Met office and Weathernews International in Aberdeen.

Nowcasting International has been growing its business in the energy sector since they introduced their revolutionary "operational planning tools" in 1999. Nowcasting Pro is now used throughout the industry for operational planning, and has revolutionised how operators interact with weather forecast data. While the weather forecasting industry has been finding the going tough in recent years Nowcasting International have been bringing new products and services to the market, and the success of this can now be measured by this new commitment in Aberdeen. "We have had to work very hard to establish ourselves in the energy market, as our customers have needed time to build confidence in our service which impacts directly on both the bottom line, but also on health and safety. Needless to say as a small company, we are judged first and foremost on the quality of our forecasts – you're only as good as your last forecast", said Dr. Mark White, CEO of Nowcasting International, who continued "In the last few years we have firmly established that credibility, and our business has been growing very rapidly. We are delighted that the business has now grown to the extent that we are ramping up our services to include this new forecast base in Aberdeen. We are here for the long haul", said Dr. Mark White, CEO of Nowcasting International.

The new Aberdeen weather forecast office will allow NowcastingWilkens offer an increased North Sea focus to its established Aberdeen client base. Until now, NowcastingWilkens North Sea clients have been serviced with weather forecast reports from the Irish Operations base and the Houston forecasting office.

"The new Aberdeen office is an exciting new addition to the NowcastingWilkens service offering to the North Sea oil & gas market. Our clients will benefit from the tremendous experience brought to our team by the introduction of Andy Swan, along with the full infrastructural support of the long established Wilkens Weather Technologies Houston weather forecast office" commented Richard Wilkens, CEO of Wilkens Weather Technologies.

Marine Forecasting, both of weather and oceanographic conditions, is a key factor in managing all offshore operations, and the rapid growth of the NowcastingWilkens business in Aberdeen is a reflection of the high quality service they offer. "We have put tremendous energy into developing high quality data services as well as customer service, and the result in terms of business growth with our partners Nowcasting International has been excellent. We are delighted to respond to this development by making this additional commitment to our North Sea customers" continued Richard Wilkens.

We have a very loyal customer base built up in Aberdeen, Stavanger and elsewhere around the North Sea, we are very happy to be in a position to offer this improved service offering supported in Aberdeen by our local forecast office" added Dr. White.

NowcastingWilkens also offer services to the Energy sector in the Gulf of Mexico / Central Americas, The Mediterranean, West Africa, Sakhalin Island and all Basins globally where high quality offshore forecasting is required.