ReedHycalog Introduces Raptor Cutters

ReedHycalog's patented TReX® thermostable PDC technology has been the industry standard in rock cutting since its commercial debut in 2003. New Raptor cutters, the latest generation thermostable PDC technology, stay sharper longer to drill farther, faster.

The patented Raptor design takes TReX technology and applies it to the complete outer surface of the polycrystalline diamond, whereas TReX cutters only feature thermostable PDC on the front face of the cutter.

"Raptor has more thermostable PDC than TReX, meaning it stays sharper, longer," stated Steve Berkman, ReedHycalog marketing manager. "When a Raptor cutter finally starts to wear, it forms a distinct dual lip in the thermostable, ultra-wear resistant layer. This dual lip significantly increases contact stress at the rock interface, providing a higher rate of penetration than premium PDC bits as well as added life."

Like TReX, the new Raptor cutters are 200 percent more heat tolerant and 400 percent more abrasion resistant than the highest grade PDC material. "Raptor cutters provide our customers with the highest level of rock cutting technology, reducing cost-per-foot in their most challenging drilling applications," added Berkman.