Unicorp to Utilize Satellite Geosensing Technology on Its Abbeville Field

Unicorp, Inc. will utilize satellite geosensing technology on part of its recently acquired 3-D seismic covering 60 square miles located in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana. Unicorp intends to use the satellite data along with its 3-D seismic to develop additional drilling prospects.

Satellite imaging has introduced new hydrocarbon exploration and recovery technology to the oil industry. A satellite passes over an area identified by the company and acquires the prescribed data. The information gathered by the satellite is then entered into a software program that processes a picture and forms an image based on the amount and intensity of gamma ray protons that are released above the hydrocarbon field. The final product is a map of the identified area indicating various intensities of hydrocarbons present underground.

According to Harry Patrick, President of Hawkeye GEOsensing, Inc., "This is a helpful, effective and cost effective method of selecting locations where to drill and more importantly, where not to drill. According to our clients, they have been able to narrow their drilling risk by 46% by providing data where drilling should be done, thus minimizing dry holes." Mr. Patrick went on to say, "We have done over 200 applications and drillers have experienced a successful drilling ratio of over 75% using this data."

"These two techniques should allow us to utilize the latest technology to identify the best locations available to drill," stated Kevan Casey, CEO of Unicorp. "Using this technology, we have identified our second well location on our Ohio County, Kentucky prospect, should the initial well which we have drilled be commercially economical to produce."