CTT Completes World's First Coil Tubing Cleaning System

Coil Tubing Technology, Inc. (CTT), in alliance with Hammelmann Corporation, of Dayton, Ohio, internationally renowned as a leader in the field of high-pressure oilfield technologies and subsidiary of Hammelmann GmbH, Germany, has developed the first high-pressure Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) decontamination unit for oil and gas wells.

Under the extreme temperature and pressure conditions present in well bores, combined with certain types of mineral deposits, chemical reactions occur and result in the buildup of radioactive materials. Over time, tubular production equipment and coiled tubing strings become NORM contaminated, presenting a danger to well operators as well as to the environment. With the CTT Coil Tubing Cleaner, coil tubing production strings are safely cleaned of NORM, with the naturally occurring contaminants re-deposited into the wellbore from which they originated.

"The ability to return NORM in the wellsite will be of major economic benefit to oil companies by reducing operational liabilities," stated Jerry Swinford, President of CTT. "With this technology, the oilfield industry can also be seen as a good steward of the environment by minimizing the need to store radioactive material byproducts from the extraction of oil and gas from wellbores."

CTT will exclusively market and operate the coil tubing cleaners worldwide through its established network of service companies.

"CTT is pleased to be able to provide the new technology, in alliance with Hammelmann, to the oilfield industry. CTT and Hammelmann have agreed to develop high pressure hydraulic systems for well service downhole applications utilizing the 60,000 PSI Hammelmann pumps," Swinford added.

Coil Tubing Technology, Inc. (CTT) has specialized in the design of proprietary tools for the coil tubing industry since 1990, concentrating on four categories of coil tubing application: thru tubing fishing, thru tubing work over, pipeline clean out, and coil tubing drilling. CTT was founded in 1998 by Jerry Swinford, an oilfield tool designer with more than 15 patents granted or pending and more than 25 years experience in the creation of oilfield tools.