3U Technologies Completes Support Contract for Schilling Robotics

3U Technologies has completed a long-term support contract to assist the Schilling Sub-Atlantic Alliance with development of Schilling Robotics' UHD, an Ultra Heavy-Duty, hydraulic remotely operated vehicle (ROV). 3U Technologies supported Schilling Robotics in designing and developing hydraulic power and control, electric power, and mechanical systems for the UHD. The services provided by 3U Technologies to Schilling Robotics included subsystem design and analysis and participation in design reviews during product development.

The UHD combines 21st century electronics and controls with time-proven mechanical and hydraulic systems in an ROV package designed to provide superior performance and reliability in performing complex subsea work tasks. 3U Technologies congratulates the Schilling Sub-Atlantic Alliance on the present and future success of this quality product line.

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