Cheetah to Re-Start Kuru Re-Entry Program During 2Q06

Cheetah Oil and Gas Ltd. has signed a drilling contract with Simmons Drilling (Overseas) Limited. Simmons will supply a Rig, all associated equipment including personnel for an initial period of one year. The signing of this contract gives the Company exclusive use of a Challenger model 150-64 drill rig with 150,000 lb lifting capacity,with which the Company initially plans to re-enter the Kuru #2 well. This rig will be available to re-enter the Kuru #2 well and other potential targets on the Company's 8.3 million acre land package in PNG as they are defined and financed.

Resumption of the Kuru Re-entry program is slated to commence in the 2nd quarter of 2006. The initial Re-entry well will be Kuru #2 located on PRL-13 in south-central PNG. Recompletion of the well will involve re-entering the 7 inch casing drilling out the cement plugs and running an ultra sonic imaging logging tool to evaluate the integrity of the casing and the condition of the cement bonding. Perforating guns will then be run to evaluate oil and gas potential in up to four intervals: a limestone unit in the Eocene, and three potential reservoirs in the lower, middle and upper Darai limestone. Each zone will be evaluated by swabbing the casing. Upon success an extended production test may then be conducted. Results from this high impact re-completion well will be released upon completion.

The Company is evaluating and exploring for energy resources on its five 100% owned and operated Petroleum prospecting licences and one Petroleum retention Licence of approximately 8.3 million acres in PNG.