Chiles Offshore Wins the 2002 NOIA Safety in Seas Award

The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) awarded Chiles Offshore the 2002 Safety in Seas Award, recognizing their outstanding contribution to the improvement of safe operating procedures in the offshore industries. Selected by a blue ribbon panel of judges composed of representatives from the US Coast Guard, the Minerals Management Service and the National Academy of Sciences Marine Sciences Board, Chiles Offshore was recognized for their complete, rig-specific orientation, and the CrewMaster(TM) rig-based progressive training program. CrewMaster(TM) is part of Chiles Offshore's comprehensive professional development program, known as SkillMaster(TM).

Acknowledging the significant contributions made by modern-day pioneers in their pursuit of the ocean frontier, Compass Publications, Inc., publishers of Sea Technology magazine, established the NOIA Safety in Seas Award in 1978. The award recognizes the excellence among those who, by their actions, design or influence, have contributed to improving the safety of life offshore. The award, now in its 24th year, continues to serve as a testimony to the high standards associated with the rapid growth of the ocean industries.

Chiles Offshore Inc. was formed in 1997 but traces its heritage back over 50 years to the formation of Chiles Drilling Company in 1946 by Clay Chiles, who built a land drilling company in South Texas. Chiles Offshore President Bill Chiles said, "Training and employee development at Chiles Offshore are well thought-out processes that begin before rig crew members are assigned to a position onboard. Every crewmember learns from comprehensive, leading-edge instructional material and is given a thorough orientation in the specific aspects of respective job tasks and responsibilities prior to assignment to a particular drilling unit.

NOIA President Tom Fry said, "The achievement demonstrated by Chiles Offshore is exemplary in an industry that is already unparalleled in its record of safety and environmental performance. We applaud the fact that the Coast Guard, the MMS and the National Academy of Sciences continue to recognize our industry's achievement and we congratulate Chiles Offshore for their valuable contribution to the enhancement of offshore life."