PGS Says Ramform Valiant has Record Month Offshore Brazil

The Ramform Valiant acquired 4,656 sail kilometers during the month of December while working in the Camamu Almada Basin, offshore Brazil. Towing a streamer configuration of 10 x 6,000 meter long streamers at 100 meter streamer separation, this translates to 2,328 square kilometers in a single month! This is believed to be a new world record for any seismic vessel.

PGS operates six Ramform vessels, each capable of routinely towing 12+ streamers - the only such vessels operating in the world today. All known streamer handling and towing records are held by Ramform vessels. The combination of unrivalled streamer deployment, handing and towing capabilities, along with very dense streamer configurations, make the Ramform vessels the premier platform for any high-end 3D survey challenge, including 4D.