Norsk Hydro Halts Production on Some Fields

In order to comply with the authorities' decision to reduce oil production in the first quarter of 2002, Norsk Hydro will reduce production from several of its fields at the end of March. Production in the first quarter will be reduced by an average of 5 percent of the planned level.

Production on the Brage and Troll C fields is at present completely closed down. The production stop on Brage will last for 12 days and on Troll C for 14 days. The Oseberg, Vigdis and Tordis fields will reduce production levels at the end of March. The other fields will have minor reductions or none at all.

The production stops will be used for maintenance or to prepare modifications. This work would not have been carried out at present if full production had been an option for these fields.

The regulation that is currently being implemented, and that will also apply for the second quarter, has been provided for in Hydro's oil production estimates for this year. The estimate previously given of an average production of 430,000 barrels a day for the year still applies.