Asgard B Back On Stream

Production resumed on the Asgard B platform in the Norwegian Sea in the early hours of Friday, January 20th. The Statoil-operated Mikkel field is also producing again.

The Kristin field, also operated by Statoil, is preparing to start up again soon.

And gas exports from the Statoil-operated Heidrun field are in full swing. The gas is sent via the Asgard Transport line.

Asgard B's production was shut down on January 15th after sparks and smoke appeared in an exhaust system in one of the export compressors.

Condensate and gas exports from Kristin and Mikkel were subsequently halted, as was all export of gas from Heidrun via the Asgard Transport line.

Statoil's gas customers have not been affected by the production shortfall.