Coil Tubing Technology to Supply Patented Subterranean Rotating Tool to BP

Coil Tubing Technology, a spinoff from Grifco International has been approved by British Petroleum (BP) Rocky Mountain and Mid Continent divisions to supply the patented CTT Subterranean Rotating Device.

The Subterranean Rotating Device, known to the coil tubing industry as the Rotating Tool, is the only tool on the market that can mechanically induce multiple rotations on each cycle. "The Rotating Device will be utilized on BP wells to remove Coil Tubing string hang offs," stated Jerry Swinford, President of Coil Tubing Technology. "The use of the mechanically operated Rotating Tool eliminates the need for fluid to be brought onto the well location, which eliminates the cost and disposal of fluid contaminants."

BP has appointed Cudd Coil Tubing and STI Inc. (a well service company) to operate the CTT Inc. Rotating Tools on their wells in the Rocky Mountain region. It is estimated BP will work over 350 wells in the Rocky Mountain and Mid Continent divisions, utilizing the Rotating Tool, over the next year. BP has also partnered with Thru Tubing Solutions, a subsidiary of CUDD, in Eastern Oklahoma, to deploy the Rotating Tool.

The CTT Rotating Tool is expected to rapidly gain acceptance among other major oil companies as a result of a renewed emphasis placed on well workover to increase energy production while minimizing cost.

Coil Tubing Technology, Inc. (CTT) has specialized in the design of proprietary tools for the coil tubing industry since 1990, concentrating on four categories of coil tubing application: thru tubing fishing, thru tubing work over, pipeline clean out, and coil tubing drilling. CTT was founded in 1998 by Jerry Swinford, an oilfield tool designer with more than 15 patents granted or pending and more that 25 years experience in the creation of oilfield tools.