BJ Tubular Services Wins Work in Brazil from Shell

BJ Tubular Services has been awarded a contract by Shell Brasil Ltda to provide a range of well services offshore Brazil. The contract provides for casing and tubing running services for Shell operations offshore Brazil, including ongoing drilling campaigns in the Campos Basin.

BJ Tubular Services has commenced operations on behalf of Shell, with all related services being provided by BJ's dedicated personnel and state-of-the-art equipment based at the division's facilities in Macae, Brazil.

Fully Mechanized Running System Debuts in South America
BJ is running casing that range in size from 7-inches to 36-inches, and tubing from 4.5-inches to 7-inches, including screen liners. BJ Tubular will also use its Chromemaster system for running 13% chrome tubulars. To increase safety standards and improve running times, BJ Tubular Services is employing a fully mechanized running system. The package features the Fill and Circulate Tool and -- for the first time in South America -- the Leadhand ™ MK II tong manipulating system, 14-inch hydraulic casing and back-up tongs, and the new Top-Drive Casing Alignment Tool (T-CAT).

The T-CAT is a new system that offers a simple, yet safer approach to running casing than traditional manual stabbing board methods. Introduced in spring 2005 in the North Sea, BJ will use this state-of-the-art tool that makes it possible to run casing without carrying out hazardous stabbing board operations. Operated remotely by one technician, the operator uses the T-CAT to centralize the joint prior to stab-in. The joint is then lowered and is made up using a power tong. The entire process is achieved without a stabber, and is operated from the rig floor.

"I credit the success of the casing and tubing running services we provided to Shell on the Bijupira & Salema development in the Campos Basin as one of the primary reasons that BJ was awarded this new three-year contract," said Kenny Watt, general manager of BJ Tubular Services. "We will be drawing upon that experience and look forward to using our fully mechanized running system for the first time in South America," he added.

Since entering the Brazilian market in 1999, BJ Tubular Services has been extremely active providing casing and tubing running services, as well as the country's first application of its specialized hydraulic hammer conductor and caisson driving services. Of particular note are a chrome screen liner operation and a 3,300 meter (10,827 feet) 5-1/2" completion for a major operator in the Campos Basin region offshore Brazil. BJ Tubular Services ran the world's deepest screen liner of 1,095 meters (3,592 feet). This critical screen liner operation was carried out in 5.5 fewer hours than a previous operation, resulting in significant cost savings to the client.

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