Optimal Preparation of Wellbore Reduces Costs and Extends Life of Well

SPS continues to experience a rise in demand for its specialist line of well assurance services. During the past year, the wellbore assurance specialist has been awarded a number of contracts from drilling contractors and major operators to provide pre-completion services throughout the UKCS and Europe. These services range from SPS's unique range of proprietary wellbore cleanup tools and chemicals, to surface filtration and pit cleaning services. Consistent demand for such services illustrates the industry's growing appreciation of the long-term benefits of optimal wellbore assurance preparation, such as reducing the likelihood of costly non-productive time.

Talisman Energy Awards £5 Million Contract
A £5 million contract from Talisman Energy requires SPS to provide wellbore assurance services for its assets in the UKCS and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea. In addition to wellbore cleanup and pit cleaning services, SPS is contracted to supply surface filtration services to Talisman. The three-year contract is being supported by SPS from its bases in Aberdeen, Scotland and Tananger, Norway. SPS has been providing Talisman with these services since 2001.

Relationship with Major Operator Continues in UKCS
A major operator has awarded a contract to SPS to provide a range of services for its UKCS assets. These services include wellbore cleanup, pit cleaning and surface filtration. The one-year extension, which commenced in November, is scheduled for completion in October 2006. It represents an extension of a previous three-year contract that SPS successfully completed on behalf of this long-time client earlier this year. SPS will continue to service these assets from its North Sea base in Aberdeen. The award of this contract further underscores the solid relationship the two companies have shared since the early 1990s.

Odfjell Awards Pan-European Contract to service ¬¬¬¬Shell Exploration & Production in Europe
Odfjell Drilling UK Ltd has awarded a three-year contract to SPS to provide a full range of wellbore assurance services under its contract with Shell Exploration & Production in Europe. SPS is servicing all Shell assets throughout the UKCS and Continental Europe. SPS will complete the multi-million pound contract in 2008. Although this is the first time that Odfjell Drilling has contracted SPS, Shell shares a longstanding relationship with SPS that spans more than 20 years. Over time, SPS has provided some of its wellbore assurance services to Shell in Europe, Holland and Norway.

"In view of our ongoing efforts to further strengthen SPS's wellbore assurance services in the pan-European region, we are extremely pleased to be working on behalf of each of these valued clients throughout the UKCS and Europe," said Alan Christie, vice president – Europe & Africa for SPS. "I attribute our success to the effectiveness and safety of the services delivered by our team of experienced engineers and technicians, who use only the latest state-of-the-art SPS cleanup systems and products. By providing each client with a custom-engineered wellbore assurance solution long before the completion phase, SPS aims to extend the life of every well we service. Given our track record of success, I am confident that we will continue to deliver outstanding service and results," he added.

SPS is the leading supplier of specialist wellbore assurance services to the petroleum industry. To provide a single source of custom-engineered wellbore assurance solutions, SPS is committed to develop and improve its products and services, while maintaining its position in the market as the "company of choice" for operators and contractors.

SPS 's combined technical and operational experience in pre-completion wellbore cleanup, mechanical wellbore cleanup systems, surface filtration systems, casing and pit-cleaning chemicals, vessel management and powder handling systems is unique. It makes it possible for the operator to delegate responsibility for the entire cleanup process to one single supplier: SPS.

Known throughout the industry for its innovative services and technologies, SPS holds a Scottish Offshore Achievement Award for Technology. Recently, the company received the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise: Trade 2005.

SPS operates globally in every oil-producing region through a network of offices across Europe, The Americas, West Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.