Stallion Oilfield Services Launches StaRComm Satellite Services

In December 2005, Stallion Oilfield Services launched Stallion Remote Communications ™. StaRComm ™ provides integrated VSAT services with telephone, fax, and internet, along with integrated wireless intercoms. StaRComm services are currently being offered in selected Stallion locations. The Company plans to deploy over 100 integrated VSAT units in 2006.

Craig Johnson, Stallion's CEO, commented, "With the launch of StaRComm, Stallion becomes a fully-integrated provider of drilling support services. We can provide housing accommodations, surface rental equipment, solids control services and the entire communications infrastructure – intercoms, phone, fax, and internet access complete with a laptop computer, if requested. The customer can just show up and begin working at the new site. This one-stop shop approach provides value to our customers through greater productivity at the drill site."