Enviro Voraxial Inks Deal to Deploy Vorazial Separator on North Slope

Enviro Voraxial(R) Technology, Inc. has entered into a contract with one of the world's largest oil companies to deploy a Voraxial(R) Separator for produced water (oil/water) separation in the North Slope oil fields of Alaska.

The Voraxial(R) Separator is capable of efficiently separating large volumes of produced water while significantly decreasing requirements for energy, weight, space and expense. These elements are even more precious on offshore platforms.

The ability to efficiently separate produced water waste streams (oil and water) has enormous economical and environmental consequences for the oil production industry. Produced water comprises over 98% of the total waste volume generated by the oil and gas industry, making it the largest volume waste stream associated with oil and gas production. In the continental US, it is estimated that more than 10 barrels of water is produced for each barrel of recovered oil. According to American Petroleum Institute (API), about 18 billion barrels of produced water was generated by US onshore operations in 1995. Worldwide, the total amount of produced water generated in 1999, according to Khatib and Verbeek, was approximately 77 billion barrels. Produced water volumes will continue to increase as oil wells mature.

The importance of EVTN's breakthrough, patented separation technology is explained in a feature article in the December issue of "World Oil Magazine".

Interest in EVTN's separation systems has accelerated since Shell Technology Ventures, a registered company of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group (RD), showcased EVTN's line of Voraxial(R) Separators in their booth at the 22nd SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam during February 2005. "We are pleased that major oil companies are now recognizing the Voraxial Separator as a solution to their produced water requirements," said John A. DiBella, Vice President of Enviro Voraxial(R) Technology. "We believe that more deployments will occur in the near future due to the increased exposure, benefits, and awareness of the Voraxial Separator."