Zoule-1 Fails to Find Hydrocarbons

Hardman Resources reports that the Zoule-1 exploration well in PSC C Block 6 is currently being plugged and abandoned after failing to encounter significant hydrocarbons.

Following the completion of this operation, the Stena Tay will move to the Dore-1 well in PSC B, Block 4. The Dore prospect is located approximately 20 kilometers east of the Tiof field, and 30 kilometers north of the Chinguetti field in water depth of approximately 390 meters. The well will be drilled to a proposed total depth of 2,350 meters and will target Oligocene aged submarine channel/turbidite sands as well as encountering the updip extension of the Tiof Miocene canyon system.

Upon completion of the Dore-1 well the Stena Tay rig will be released by the PSC A and B Joint Ventures. With the recognition of a number of attractive prospects in the shallower, eastern part of PSC A and B a rig capable of drilling in shallower water depths than the targets of the 2004 and 2005 programs was required. The Atwood Hunter, which is capable of drilling from approximately 100 to 1,500 meters, has been contracted to conduct the PSC A and B 2006 and 2007 drilling campaigns and is due to arrive in Mauritania in the second quarter of 2006 after completing its current commitments. The initial exploration wells will be drilled in PSC A and are likely to include the Colin/Colin Deep, Kibaro and Awatt prospects. Hardman's 2006 Mauritania exploration program is expected also to include wells in PSCs B, 7 and 8. The Atwood Hunter provides the joint ventures with significant operational flexibility as it is able to carry out work on any of the Chinguetti development wells, if ever required, as well as conducting appraisal on existing discoveries.

Participants are Woodside as operator; Hardman Resources, BG Group, Premier Oil, Roc Oil, Fusion Oil, Petronas and Societe Mauritanieene des Hydrocarbures (formerly GPC).

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Operates 3 Offshore Rigs
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