BP Implements Enterprise Upstream from P2 Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions reports that it has completed phase one of implementation of the Enterprise Upstream Volumes Management suite for BP's Deep Water Gulf of Mexico business unit. BP began a multi-phased implementation project of the Enterprise Upstream system last year.

Enterprise Upstream is a Web-based oil and gas management software suite that includes modules covering the following functional areas: daily business intelligence, operations accounting, hydrocarbon volumes management and land/lease management.

The Enterprise Upstream Volumes Management Suite offers a comprehensive solution for managing deep water hydrocarbon measurement and allocation processes. This includes the collection, validation and reporting of field data; interaction with process simulation modeling tools; and the execution of complex production allocations. The Allocation Process Modeling (APM) module is part of the Volumes Management suite and interfaces with various field collection and data processing applications. It provides oil and gas operators such as BP with an easy-to-use application that allows them to create unique allocation process models for specific business requirements associated with deep water production operations. APM improves the accuracy of allocations, resulting in a more accurate distribution of production, revenue and processing costs between joint venture partners and third party producers that commingle production on shared platforms and facilities.

BP implemented the Enterprise Upstream APM module for its deep water Gulf of Mexico operations because of its need to manage complex allocations including sub sea commingled wells and tiebacks, circulated volumes, a disparity of fluids and continuously-changing operating conditions. Steve Fortune, Information Delivery Manager for BP, commented "The Enterprise Upstream solution is ideal for meeting our deep water allocation requirements. We are very pleased with the implementation and have already begun to see a return on investment."

BP also improved its internal and external reporting capabilities, shortened the monthly close process and has been able to catch exceptions and issues earlier in the process. Mark Eikermann, Senior Vice President of Development for P2 Energy Solutions, stated, "Using APM allows our customers to improve the accuracy and timeliness of production data and allocation results. This improves their ability to make proactive decisions while reducing the cost of managing these processes."