OHM Welcomes Inclusion of Electromagnetic Imaging in Norway Licenses

Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping notes that Norway's Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has placed conditions on a number of new exploration licenses requiring the use of electromagnetic survey data, enabling companies to make better "drill or drop" decisions over prospects.

OHM welcomes this development wholeheartedly as the move signals growing industry and Governmental acceptance of the importance of electromagnetic imaging as a pre-drill exploration tool.

Dave Pratt, Chief Executive Officer of OHM, said: "Norway is a very important market for OHM. We have already undertaken a number of proprietary surveys in Norwegian waters ahead of the 19th Licensing Round, providing the results to clients to assist them in their application process. The decision by the MPE to apply electromagnetic imaging conditions on licenses demonstrates Norway's world leading outlook on adopting important new technologies, a lead that we expect will be followed by other countries."