UK DTI Publishes New Listing of Fallow Blocks

On January 6, 2006 the Department of Trade and Industry and its partners in PILOT published a new listing of Fallow Blocks and Discoveries.

This seventh release has added 40 new Fallow Blocks and 23 new Fallow Discoveries to the list. Fifty Fallow Discoveries remain on the release list from 2002-4, bringing the total number of Fallow Discoveries now on release to 73/

At the request of the UKOOA Exploration Members Representative Team, the DTI and PILOT Fallow Workgroup have added notes for the clarification to the original Fallow process document and a complete listing of the current fallow status of both class A and class B blocks.

A significant change in the process is that both blocks and discoveries will be considered Fallow after three years (reduced from four years previously).

Also, Fallow discoveries that have been listed on the web site for two years will now be relinquished if there are no agreed plans for significant activity. Previously, these were retained by the original Licensees. Fallow Discoveries may now be classed as Fallow A 'Linked' to investment in an area.

There are 40 Fallow B Blocks published today which must have significant plans for activity agreed by the Department or be relinquished by December 31, 2006. Many of these have producing fields or discoveries on the block, but it is the area outside of the field or discovery area that now needs significant activity. Twenty-three of these blocks were on old licenses issued before the 5th Round.

Twenty-nine of the 70 Fallow B Blocks placed on the release list in January 2005 have now been "Rescued", where an asset transfer (operatorship) is in progress or firm plans for significant activity that will result in a drill or drop decision in one year have been agreed between the DTI and Licensees.

In 2005, 30 exploration or appraisal wells targeting prospects on Fallow B Blocks have been drilled: 3/07a- 8, 9/05a- 4, 13/23b- 5, 15/17- 27, 15/20b- 16, 15/24b- 8, 15/25a- 13, 16/22- 7, 16/29c- 14, 21/02- 10, 21/05a- 6, 21/10- 10W, 21/15a- 8, 22/06a- 14, 22/07- 4, 22/15- 3, 29/15- 3, 30/02a- 5, 30/02a- 6, 30/08- 3, 30/16- 14, 47/10- 8, 48/22b- 5, 48/24a- 4, 49/30a- 9, 54/01a- 5, 103/01a- 2, 110/09a- 3, 110/14c- 6 and 211/22a- 4. Tain (13/23b- 5) and "Opal" (43/25a- 2W - the original well spudded in 2004) have been announced as exploration successes. A number of other wells drilled on Fallow B Blocks in 2005 have "TIGHT HOLE" status.

Since the PILOT Fallow process began in 2002, 61 exploration or appraisal wells targeting prospects on Fallow B Blocks have been drilled.

Seven blocks placed on the release list in January 2005 are now being totally relinquished, with 17 more 2005 released blocks being partially relinquished back to existing fields or discovery areas. Twenty- four additional blocks not on the 2005 release list are being partially relinquished back to existing fields or discovery areas, with 17 additional complete blocks not on the 2005 release list being relinquished. These 65 blocks may be available for licensing in the next Round.

Sixty-nine blocks that had been considered Fallow B at some time since 2002 were re-licensed in the 23rd Round (55 on relinquished whole and 14 the result of partial relinquishments). In the 22nd Round, 10 previously Fallow blocks were awarded. In the 21st Round, 6 previously Fallow blocks were awarded.

There are 73 Fallow B Discoveries on the listings publicized today, which include 50 that were previously released on the website.

The 23 new Fallow Discoveries include one discovery with more than one associated appraisal well as of 31 December 2004. There are 8 more appraised discoveries that will be added to the Fallow Discoveries in 2006. Subsequent discoveries with more than one associated appraisal well will be incorporated into the Fallow Discoveries process in the year that they become fallow.

There are 9 "Rescued" Fallow Discoveries which now have a substantive work program agreed with the DTI. These are 3/07- 3, 3/11- 1, 3/28a- 2, 9/11- 2, 9/11b- 11, 16/29- 4, 42/29- 6, 48/14- 2 and 211/18- 9.

Thirteen undeveloped discoveries are not included in the process because they are on open acreage: 4/26- 1A, 21/13b- 1A, 22/22c- 3Z, 22/24b- 8, 30/25a- 4, 39/16- 1, 44/13- 1, 49/10b- 3, 110/08a- 5, 110/12a- 1, 110/04- 1, 113/27- 2 and 204/28- 1.

Seven discoveries have had appraisal drilling: 16/22- 1, 21/15a- 8, 103/01- 1, 110/08a- 4, 110/14- 1, 110/14- 2 and 210/24a- 8. One Field Development Plan on a previously fallow discovery has been approved, for the Maria Field.

Anyone interested in a particular asset should initially approach the named contact (normally the Operator), but may also approach partners to see if they are interested in a plan for significant activity, which can then be put to the DTI. Information regarding other licensees for any asset can be found from this

For information on the Fallow process contact Jen Brzozowska, Head of Exploration on 020 7215 5138 or Email

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