QMAC Successfully Drills Two New Gas Wells

QMAC Energy, a Nevada corporation with a gas development program and producing wells in Montana, today announces it has successfully completed the drilling of two new wells. These wells will further enhance their growing interest in the Montana Lake Frances gas field.

On December 15, 2005 QMAC reported that the company had initiated drilling of the first of two new wells in Montana's Lake Frances gas field. QMAC is now pleased to announce that the initial well was a success. The company is currently finishing flow testing the well and expects it to be tied in and revenue producing this week. QMAC is also pleased to announce the successful drilling of a second well in this drilling program. With both new gas wells on stream QMAC will have working interest in a total of (8) eight producing wells in the Lake Frances Gas Field.

QMAC plans to start its 2006 drilling program in the Lake Frances Gas Field with the drilling of a third well, as part of the present drilling program, on or before January 15, 2006.

QMAC plans to continue drilling in the Lake Frances Gas Field.