TGS-Nopec to Acquire New 3D Survey in the Gulf of Mexico

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical will acquire a new multi-client 3D seismic survey in the Main Pass and Viosca Knoll areas of the Gulf of Mexico. The company has contracted Reservoir Exploration Technology AS (RXT) to perform the acquisition of the 1800 square kilometer survey utilizing a Vector-Seis Ocean Bottom Cable recording system. TGS Imaging will process the data with both pre-stack time and pre-stack depth migration algorithms.

The Main Pass/ Viosca Knoll area is a very mature hydrocarbon producing region and the TGS Eastern Delta program will be the first modern vintage, long offset (9000 meter) 3D data recorded in the area. Water depths in the survey area range from 10 to 400 meters.

"TGS is pleased to be expanding its multi-client data inventory into this region of the Gulf of Mexico. The area has needed new data for some time now and the utilization of the RXT crew will allow us to span the gap between the shallow shelf production and the deepwater Mississippi Canyon area" said Kim Abdallah, Vice President of New Ventures in North and South America.

The Eastern Delta program will commence in January 2006 and is supported by pre-funding from multiple oil companies. Survey acquisition is expected to last approximately eight months.