Falcon Natural Gas Spuds Mabry 1-13 Exploration Well

Falcon Natural Gas Corp. with WhitMar Exploration Company has begun the first well of their planned drilling project located in Latimer County, Oklahoma. The South Ridgeway Prospect will target the Spiro formation. The Spiro formation is one of the main Natural Gas producing formations in the area with a track record of excellent production. Total drilling depth is expected to reach 12,900 feet. Surface facilities are located nearby, and no issues are expected.

Falcon Natural Gas Corp. has purchased 12% of the working interest in the Mabry 1-13 Well, South Ridgeway Prospect. Falcon also will pay 16.00% of all well costs and G&G costs, third party prospect fees, land brokerage costs, lease bonus and all other similar costs of the prospect.

The drilling area in central east Oklahoma was chosen because of its location within one of the larger natural gas producing areas of North America. The comprehensive infrastructure and enormous industrial resources make it an ideal drilling area.