Gazprom Brings Uglich-Kalyazin Gas Pipeline Onstream

Gazprom says the Uglich – Kalyazin gas pipeline has been brought online in the town of Kalyazin of the Tver region.

Attending the ceremony were Dmitry Zelenin, Governor of the Tver region, heads of regional authorities and representatives of design and building companies.

The Uglich – Kalyazin gas pipeline will supply gas to the town of Kalyazin as well as to a string of districts in the Yaroslavl and Tver regions. The line construction had run in parallel with the construction of gas distribution networks and conversion of the town’s Central Boiler to natural gas.

The participants emphasized that prospective gas deliveries will give a strong impetus to socioeconomic development of Kalyazin and improve the living standards of its population. Kalyazin has good potential for the implementation of economically viable, energy-efficient and environmental measures. Based on the gas supply model for Kalyazin, Gazprom intends to promote efficient gas utilization in other small and medium towns of Russia.

The 83-km-long Uglich – Kalyazin gas pipeline runs through the Yaroslavl and Tver regions and has a 377 mm diameter, 35 Ata pressure and 220 mln m/y throughput.

The Project on a high energy efficiency demonstration zone in the town of Kalyazin of the Tver region was initiated jointly with E.ON Ruhrgas in October 2000 within the June 2000 Memorandum of Understanding sealed by Gazprom and E.ON Ruhrgas.

The Project is targeted at showcasing advantages of state-of-the-art gas consumption technologies and assessing the rate of return on investments into the development of high energy efficiency zones.

The Tver Region's natural gas infrastructure is developed by an average of 51.9 percent of maximum demand, including by 69.1 percent in cities, towns and urban settlements and 18.1 percent in rural area. The identical Russia-averaged parameters account for 53, 60 and 34 percent, respectively.

In accordance with its programs on gas supply to the RF constituents for 2003 and 2004, Gazprom channeled some RUR 225 mln to construct gas supply infrastructure in the Tver Region, with over RUR 800 mln slated for next year.