Landmark Graphics Releases SpecDecomp

Landmark Graphics Corporation has released SpecDecomp(TM), a new, innovative reservoir imaging and interpretation technology solution. SpecDecomp provides greater resolution of reservoir boundaries, heterogeneities and thickness than previously possible with traditional broadband seismic displays. Using this technology, oil and gas companies can more quickly and accurately identify potential hydrocarbon reservoirs for commercial exploitation. BP and Landmark initiated the joint development program to build the next generation technology in September 2001, and unveiled the initiative at the 2001 Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. This unique reservoir interpretation technology offered by Landmark, which includes patented and patent-pending intellectual property from BP and Apache Corporation, improves reservoir understanding and well placement accuracy.

"BP and Apache are industry leaders in leveraging innovative technologies to deliver impressive business results," said John Gibson, president and CEO of Landmark Graphics. "We are pleased to offer this proprietary technology to our customers through license agreements with BP and Apache. Spectral decomposition technology strengthens the suite of reservoir interpretation solutions Landmark offers its customers."

"Spectral Decomposition is an important new technology developed within BP and is being used globally to enhance our ability to image reservoirs and optimize the value of our assets," said BP Group Vice President Upstream, Ian Vann at the start of the development program.

"Apache is a firm believer in the benefits of spectral decomposition technology," said Mike Bahorich, Apache's executive vice president of Exploration and Production Technology. "If you are spending $3 million on a well, and trying to hit the sweet spot, then estimating the thickness and compartmentalization of complex stratigraphic features improves drilling success, ultimately impacting the bottom line."

The SpecDecomp suite of imaging and interpretation tools will enable SeisWorks(TM) and EarthCube(TM) users to significantly improve reservoir understanding and ultimately decrease field development costs. This combination of Landmark solutions uniquely positions the user to fully profit from these innovative technologies by enabling integrated workflows from early exploration through field development and on to production optimization.

"Landmark's spectral decomposition solutions will provide our customers unique and powerful methods to comprehend reservoir size and complexity," said Murray Roth, Landmark's vice president of Exploration and Development Systems. "The success that BP and Apache are having with spectral decomposition begins a new wave in interpretation, moving well beyond amplitude analysis."