Mali Government Selects IndigoPool to Promote 2002 Leasing Round was selected by the Republic of Mali to host the Malian Basins Promotion 2002 of the National Directorate of Geology and Mines (DNGM) of the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water of Mali (West Africa). Acreage included in the competitive bidding round consists of 15 exploration tracts in the Taoudeni, Gao, Nara and Iullemmeden basins, an undeveloped region in which interest in oil and gas prospectively has been rekindled by the proximity of recently announced pipeline construction plans.

"It is essential for the Republic of Mali to diversify economically by promoting development of all our domestic natural resources, much in the way we have encouraged mining for gold in our country," said Modibo Coulibaly, DNGM director. "We selected IndigoPool to help us promote our 2002 oil and gas exploration acreage because of the high regard in which Schlumberger is held around the world. After learning about IndigoPool's 24x7 global access, the capabilities of the acquisition and divestiture (A&D) tool kit in its online secured environment, and the track record it has compiled supporting licensing rounds, we are confident IndigoPool is the best solution for showcasing our data to qualified bidders all over the world."

Plans call for to host four online brochures and six online data packs describing the Mali acreage and relevant fiscal terms. The data will be accessible at for one year; no other terms of the agreement were disclosed.

"IndigoPool is honored to assume a pivotal role in helping the Republic of Mali lay the first stones of the foundation of a national oil and gas industry," said IndigoPool President Adil Moukhitov. "An intelligent marketplace is the perfect solution for overcoming the logistical and communications constraints that have hindered Mali's efforts to develop a sustainable economic base, and IndigoPool will strive to provide a dynamic, collaborative virtual work space that will enhance development of Mali's oil and gas industry every step of the way."