Newpark Environmental Services Re-Opens LA Gulf Coast Facilities

Newpark Environmental Services, a division of Newpark Resources Inc. that safely disposes non-hazardous oilfield waste, has accepted more than 38,000 bbls of waste since its Louisiana Gulf Coast facilities reopened after hurricanes brutally damaged the region.

In Cameron, La., alone, where damage from Hurricane Rita was extensive, Newpark's facility has taken in 19 shipments totaling more than 33,000 bbls of waste since Oct. 29, when the US Coast Guard and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources cleared Newpark to reopen.

"Our people overcame severe infrastructure challenges in the days following the storm including power outages, downed phone lines, lack of water, heavy debris obstruction and limited marine access," said NES President Sammy Cooper.

"With the exceptional performance of our crews and managers, we satisfied the inspections of regulatory agencies and got back to serving our oil and gas customers in the shortest amount of time possible."

Meanwhile, Newpark's Venice, La., facility has reopened with limited operations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. More than 5,000 bbls of waste from more than a dozen operators has been received there while the recovery efforts continue. NES projects that the Venice location will approach pre-storm capacity early next year.

Operations resumed quickly in east Texas as crewmen and mangers rallied to repair damage to facilities in the Golden Triangle area.

"Newpark turned away no customer due to processing backlogs or lack of marine transportation capabilities," said Cooper. "Customer response has been very positive and we anticipate 2006 will be a busy year for our whole industry."