Key BP Contract for XPD8 Solutions

BP SNS has awarded XPD8 Solutions a contract to carry out work on its Villages and WAR Stream assets.

XPD8 Solutions will utilise its bespoke computerised maintenance management system builder software suite to assign MAXIMO criticality codings and to develop and implement appropriate maintenance strategies, for 77,000 tagged equipment items.

This is the first time XPD8 Solutions has worked on a brownfield site and highlights that its systems and technology, which are normally used on greenfield sites, are applicable to both.

Both the process adopted and software utilised are designed to be aligned with the requirements of the BP Common Maintenance Strategy.

The scope of work will be carried out in seven months.

Peter Kewley, Principal Maintenance Engineer at XPD8 Solutions, said: "This contract with BP SNS highlights the confidence shown in us by the major operators and we fully expect to deliver on time and within budget.

"At XPD8 we have the software and skilled maintenance engineers to help clients prevent anticipated failures on assets, prolong equipment life and ensure optimal performance, and these are the key areas we will be focussing on for BP SNS."

XPD8 Solutions offers oil and gas companies computerised systems which track maintenance on their assets, increasing reliability of equipment and highlighting where and when improvements need to be made which ultimately assure equipment integrity and can reduce or eliminate production downtime.