Ottoman Encounters Gas in First Turkish Well

Ottoman's first exploration well in Turkey, Bati Umur-1, spudded on 8 December 2005 with rig M7000. 13-3/8 inch surface casing was set at 49m and 9-5/8 inch intermediary casing was set at 350m. Drilling continued in 8-1/2 inch hole to a total depth of 1,052m.

On December 18th, the well had reached total depth and preparations were underway for electric wireline logging. A preliminary wellsite interpretation of the logs indicated three potential gas bearing sandstone intervals with reservoir characteristics. These will now be investigated with Repeat Formation Tests (wireline tests) before deciding on running production casing and flow testing.

Three main gas bearing zones were interpreted at the following approximate depths:

  • 363-370m - coinciding with the main amplitude anomaly
  • 413-416m – in the main objective zone, and
  • 878-880m – in the secondary objective zone.

The Bati Umur prospect is located in the Edirne License AR/PTK-MER/3839 in which Ottoman has a 65% interest.

A second exploration well, Arpaci – 1, will be drilled "back to back" with Bati Umur – 1 on a nearby, but separate, prospect.