Two Vessels to Start Large Offshore Seismic Program

Over 10,000 km of offshore seismic data is being acquired this summer in one of the biggest multi-company petroleum exploration programs seen in New Zealand.

2D vessel, Pacific Titan, arrived in New Zealand in mid-December to begin shooting about 10,000 km of seismic for 10 operators over four offshore basins. The ship is operated by Norwegian-based company Multiwave.

A second vessel, the 3D Orient Explorer, will also arrive this month to begin acquiring 750 sq km of data for operator OMV in PEP 38485 in offshore Taranaki. The ship will also shoot 150 sq km of 3D seismic for Swift Energy in its recently acquired offshore South Taranaki permit PEP 38495. The Orient Explorer is operated by another Norwegian-based company, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS).

The Pacific Titan is to begin its work in the Taranaki Basin, acquiring data for, Todd, Contact Energy, and OMV.

The ship will then head to the East Coast Basin where it will be working for Tap Oil off the Wairarapa coast and for Discovery Geo in Cook Strait.

The Pacific Titan will also acquire data in the Canterbury Basin for Green Gate in Pegasus Bay north of Christchurch, for Austral Pacific in the Canterbury Bight north of Timaru, and for Origin Energy in its permit, which runs from Banks Peninsula to south of Dunedin.

In the north eastern section of the Great South Basin, the Pacific Titan will acquire 3,300 km of data for the Crown Minerals survey: DUN06. This survey is an integral component of the Government's exploration incentives, which aim to stimulate and accelerate exploration in areas outside of the Taranaki Basin. It is part of the Government strategy to identify alternative sources of gas to replace production from the mature Maui gas field.

The Pacific Titan will also be shooting seismic in the Solander Basin west of Stewart Island, in L&M Petroleum's permit.